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The Department of Liberal Arts at IITH Hyderabad is a leading centre for the study of a highly diverse range of subjects including Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics, English (Literature and Language), Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, and Science and Technology Studies. The department is deeply committed to teaching innovative and intellectually stimulating courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as to world-class research in cutting-edge areas. In addition, Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad places a lot of importance on interdisciplinary collaborations through projects and other academic collaborations of national and international importance. If the department boasts of a team of excellent faculty members, it also houses young students and scholars who deeply contribute to the department’s academic growth. Further, Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad is very proud of its alumni many amongst who are currently serving as faculty members in various national institutes and universities of repute or pursuing higher academics and socially relevant projects. Simply put, the department of Liberal Arts enriches the academic and creative life of the institute, encourages cutting-edge scholarship, and cultivates a deeper understanding of humanity at large.

Message from Head of the Department

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad! We offer a vibrant and diverse academic culture which is both cultivated and advanced by our team of exceptional and devoted faculty members. Drawing upon the classical model of education through intellectual inquiry and interweaving it with the progressive ideologies of a globalized and technologized world, our department houses various branches of the Humanities and the Social Sciences, while also offering several programs in the Creative and Performing Arts. Our mission is to excel in teaching and research not only in the core areas of the Humanities and the Social Sciences but also to harness the enormous possibilities that reside in interdisciplinary research in alliance with scientific and technical disciplines. We also aspire to facilitate collaborations and partnerships with reputed national and global academic organizations as well as individuals. In all, the Department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad seeks to foster a knowledge economy that contributes to scholarly growth, policy level transformations and, ultimately, to societal development.

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Prof. Srirupa Chatterjee

Head of the Department

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