Aalok Khandekar

Assistant Professor

Email: aalok@la.iith.ac.in

Climate Change, Global South, Urban Governance, Digital Platforms

Office: B-316 | Phone: (40) 2301 6513

Aardra Surendran

Assistant Professor

Email: aardra@la.iith.ac.in

Labour Studies, Gender Studies, Social Inequality, Development Studies

Office: C-308/G | Phone: (40) 2301 6519

Amrita Deb

Associate Professor

Email: amrita@la.iith.ac.in

Protective factors in resilience, well being, positive psychology intervention.

Office: B-201 | Phone: (40) 2301 6504

Amrita Datta

Assistant Professor

Email: amritadatta@la.iith.ac.in

Development Studies, Rural-Urban Migration, Migration and Development

Office: C-528 | Phone: (40) 2301 6516

Anindita Majumdar

Associate Professor

Email: anindita@la.iith.ac.in

Medical Anthropology, Population, Infertility, Reproductive Technologies

Office: B-518 | Phone: (40) 2301 6512

Badri Narayan Rath


Email: badri@la.iith.ac.in

Economic Growth and Development, Industrial Economics, Econometrics

Office: A-504 | Phone: (40) 2301 6503

Chandan Bose

Assistant Professor

Email: chandanbose@la.iith.ac.in

Ethnography, Critical Craft Studies, South Asian History and Historiography

Office: C-432 | Phone: (40) 2301 6514

Dinabandhu Sethi

Assistant Professor

Email: dinabandhu@la.iith.ac.in

Monetary Economics, Public Economics, Time Series Analysis

Office: C-208/C | Phone: (40) 2301 6520

Gaurav Dhamija

Assistant Professor

Email: gauravdhamija@la.iith.ac.in

Development Economics, Health Economics, Gender Economics

Office: B-511 | Phone: (40) 2301 6518

Haripriya Narasimhan

Associate Professor

Email: haripriya@la.iith.ac.in

Medical Anthropology and Anthropology of the Media, Globalisation, Kinship

Office: C-520 | Phone: (40) 2301 6508

Indira Jalli

Associate Professor

Email: indiraj@la.iith.ac.in

Nation and Culture, Humanities        

Office: C-517 | Phone: (40) 2301 6501

K. P. Prabheesh

Associate Professor

Email: prabheesh@la.iith.ac.in

Macro & Monetary Economics, International Finance, Econometrics.

Office: C-526 | Phone: (40) 2301 6502

M. P. Ganesh

Associate Professor

Email: mpganesh@la.iith.ac.in

Cross-Cultural and Virtual Teams, Mentoring and Coaching

Office: B-501 | Phone: (40) 2301 6511

Mahati Chittem

Associate Professor

Email: mahati@la.iith.ac.in

Chronic Disease Management, Psycho-oncology, Psychosocial Diabetes

Office: B-413 | Phone: (40) 2301 7045

Nandini Ramesh Sankar

Assistant Professor

Email: nandini@la.iith.ac.in

20th-Century British and American Poetry, Modernist Fiction, Literature and Ethics.

Office: B-515 | Phone: (40) 2301 6509

Neeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor

Email: neeraj.kumar@la.iith.ac.in

Sensorimotor Learning, Motor Memory Consolidation, and Brain stimulation

Office: B-513 | Phone: (40) 2301 6517

Prakash Mondal

Associate Professor

Email: prakashmondal@la.iith.ac.in

Mathematical/Formal Linguistics, Theoretical Cognitive Science

Office: C-426 | Phone: (40) 2301 6510

Shubha Ranganathan

Associate Professor

Email: shubha@la.iith.ac.in

Critical disability studies, Qualitative research, Medical Anthropology

Office: A-701 | Phone: (40) 2301 6507

Shuhita Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor

Email: shuhita@la.iith.ac.in

19th-Century Literary and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Theory, Postsecular Studies

Office: C-541 | Phone: (40) 2301 6515

Srirupa Chatterjee

Associate Professor

Email: srirupa@la.iith.ac.in

Contemporary and Multi-ethnic American Fiction, Body Studies

Office: B-410 | Phone: (40) 2301 6505

Irudaya Rajan

Adjunct Professor

Email: rajancds@gmail.com

Demography, Migration Studies, Aging and Health

Office: | Phone:

Anjal Prakash

Adjunct Professor

Email: Anjal_Prakash@isb.edu

Water and Climate Issues, Urban Resilience, Gender, and Social Inclusion

Office: | Phone:

Mridula Anand

Adjunct Professor

Email: silambam05@yahoo.com

Classical Arts, History of Performing Arts, Policy, Technology in Arts

Office: | Phone:

Nanda Kishore Kannuri

Adjunct Professor

Email: nandu.k@iiphh.org

Applied Medical Anthropology, Mental Health, Ethnography, Public Health

Office: | Phone:

Jandhyala Tilak

Adjunct Professor

Email: jtilak2017@gmail.com

Economics of Education, Education Policy, Education and Development

Office: | Phone:

Timothy Marthand

Adjunct Professor

Email: grundgestalt@gmail.com

Mastery, Creative Thinking, Science of Learning, Mysteries of Habits

Office: | Phone:

Yuka Kataoka

Adjunct Professor

Email: shori@sfc.wide.ad.jp

Second or Foreign Language, Learning Management System, Education in ICT

Office: | Phone: